What do the children think?

Last night we just celebrated my dad’s 69th birthday. Both my brother’s family and my sister’s family came over and we had a great time together. Dad has been retired for 4 years or so and is still very active, and my mom continues to work and has planned on retiring in the next couple of years. But as I think about my mom and dad, and their quality of life, I am no different than many of the families that I work with.

I am often asked, “What do the children of seniors think about a reverse mortgage?” Well, most children of seniors respond the same way that I would. That is, “it is more important for my parents to live the quality of life they deserve while they are here, than for me to be concerned with my inheritance.” The reality is that most of us want our parents to do the things they want to do, go places they want to go, and have the freedom to live the life they want to live “while they are here.” Being more concerned about our “inheritance” than we are about our parent’s “quality of life” seems a little odd to me.

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