“Sharp as a Whip”!

Yesterday I traveled up north to do some business. While I was there, I thought I would stop by one of my client’s homes to visit and give her some documents that she had requested. She is 97 years old and is incredibly sharp. She showed me her patio full of potted flowers that were soon going to make a colorful transformation. Mrs. Smith (not her real name) loves to work in her garden.

Several weeks ago Mrs. Smith found herself in the hospital. I am not sure what she was submitted for, but she ended up spending several days in the hospital. About the same time it was brought to her attention that she had a leak in her roof. She said to me “I’ve got myself in a heap of a mess.” Well, she really didn’t do this herself. These are called “life’s surprises.” Bills had piled up that she hadn’t expected.

This is a common financial burden that many seniors face today. We are living in a time that the senior years are often the longest lifestage, yet, they are not fully prepared for the implications of living such a long life. From health issues, to home repair and paying taxes, life can have a way of sucking every dime of savings that one has. This often leaves seniors feeling overwhelmed and depressed as they cannot live their lives that way they would choose to.

Mrs. Smith was in good hands. I showed her how she could access her funds in her reverse mortgage line-of-credit. In no time, she will see money automatically deposited into her bank account to take care of her medical expenses, and to fix her roof. What a great way to assist my new friend!

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