Big Smiles . . . .

I was out at the little league baseball park last Saturday watching friends, nephews and past players of mine play their baseball games. What a beautiful afternoon it was! There is very little that compares with hanging out at the little league partk on a nice Saturday afternoon. I simply love watching baseball!

While I was walking up to watch a 9-10 yr old game, I recognized a couple sitting and watching the game. I walked up to the electric scooter and greeted the couple that had been my clients about a year ago. After some small talk and catching up on life, a big smile came across his face telling me about their big plans for their 50th wedding anniversary. “Do you know where we are going?” he said.

I responded, “No, where are you going?”

He said, “We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Europe.”

Wow! The excitement that came from his voice was remarkable. You see, his wife, who now is unable to walk, suffered a stroke several years ago. They weren’t sure they would ever be able to travel again. Over the years she has improved and they have taken smaller trips around the area just to get use to the different life that they were to have together. Though the stroke left Mrs. impaired in some ways, she is able to adjust to the changes in her life today. They are like two newly weds excited about their future together.

Oh, and I almost forgot . . . . their being able to travel is due to their taking out a reverse mortgage. It has helped them put the “Golden” back into their “Golden Years.”

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