Why Education is Critical?

It has often come across my mind what my mission is in business. It often sounds somewhat corny to talk about the mission as it often is just a mask for people to hide behind. But really, what is my mission as I wake up every morning and enter into the world of commerce. Our company, Senior Life Solutions, has a mission. It reads,   With the utmost of honor and integrity, to provide reverse mortgage education and enhance the quality of life for seniors.” It sounds good . . .  and has the right message. But you might be asking, “Why do you feel the need to educate people about reverse mortgages?” Isn’t your true goal to “sell” reverse mortgages? Well, it is more than that! And here’s why? 

  1. We don’t know what we don’t know . . .

This statement sounds a little redundant, but it is one of my favorite quotes about life. We don’t know what we don’t know. There is so much information out there that I am not proficient in, and yet, some of that information may be keeping me from becoming the best person I can be today, or taking action on something critical that is in my best interest. But when I learn about a different concept or perspective (today it is mostly about being the best parent I can be), I can use these new perspectives as tools to grow as an individual, which therefore, makes me a better parent, husband, friend and person. What we don’t know could hurt us! How many times have you heard the words, “If I’d only known . . . . .”.  

  1. The Information you learn today may change your life (or someone else’s) tomorrow

I often think about business success stories. . . . the story of Hewlett Packard starting in the garage of two of the founding principals. They began learning about the technology behind printers, and, one thing led to another and HP is now a household name. The information we learned yesterday impacts the world today. 

  1. The solution may be hidden

Most of life is about solving day-to-day problems, at least in business, but also in our daily life. I look at my kids whom I love and want the best for in their life. But every day we battle the outside forces that could prevent them from having an enjoyable and productive life. We all deal with problems whether it is financial or social, or simply a broken down car. So we are daily involved with managing the problems in order to create long lasting solutions. So we keep looking, and looking for the solutions to our problems. When we stop looking for solutions, we become defeated! The answer may be hidden in the mind of someone that you know. You’ve just got to find it!  When educating about reverse mortgages, these three points listed above are the reasons we feel it is imperative that people are educated about reverse mortgages. It might be information they can use today (for themselves or someone they know), or it might come in handy in the future.  Please feel free to call (360-944-9002) me or email me with any questions that you might have about reverse mortgages. There are several options for people, depending on their unique situation. It could be information that could change the quality of life for someone you care about.

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