Professional Move . . .

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let those of you know that I have decided to make a professional move that I think will allow me to serve my clients with more financial products and do so with the same integrity that you have been accustomed to. As I have mentioned in other entries, the reverse mortgage industry is just beginning to take off. More confidence in the product(s) and more awareness has given people the peace-of-mind that this is a great option for a great number of seniors.

As you know, when new markets arise, competition increases. So, as of August 1st, I have been building the reverse mortgage side of Premier Mortgage Resources. PMR is a local mortgage company (northwest) that has the ability to assist clients with a variety of mortgage products. Dave Galanter and Mark Schaller are the principals of the Vancouver Branch in which I represent. They are men of character and passion and have been successful in running a successful operation.

From the clients perspective, it will be virtually seamless. I will serve my clients with the same integrity as I always have and will continue to focus on building my reverse mortgage client base. I can be reached at or directly at 360-907-7300.

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