Independence is HUGE!

j0422587.jpgI sort of get a kick out telling people that I am in the reverse mortgage industry. The look on their face often resembles confusion. It is written all over their faces . . . . “Oh, you’re one of those guys.” I so badly want to respond saying, “No, no . . . . you don’t understand.” Because most people don’t understand.

Most people who know a little about reverse mortgages look at it from a financial impact. Questions about the heir’s inheritance or whether it is really a good financial decision for seniors, often is the turn that the conversation takes. Most people don’t understand the biggest issues that seniors face, and that involves their “independence.”

I have mentioned this in some of my other blog entries, but I can’t overstate this issue. The fear of losing one’s independence is huge. I know that people in my generation find it difficult to simply ask for help. You know the story . . . a project needs to be completed and having someone help complete the minor task would be a huge help. But, for some reason we just can’t get the courage to ask for help. This is usually a man’s problem. And compared to a senior’s situation, it doesn’t compare.

Consider a senior who finds it difficult to simply make the mortgage payment and have enough money left over to eat, or pay for the water, electricity, gas, etc. At some point in time, they get to a situation where they want to cry “help.” But they fear that they may lose their independency and become “dependent” on someone else, just to survive. Ugh . . . it can be debilitating for a senior and cause them great stress.

Reverse mortgages simply allow people to live at peace, and remain independent. Independent from their family, friends, the government, and have some control over their lives. To be dependent on anyone can be a humiliating thing for a lot of people. It can impact how one lives, where one lives, and the quality in which one lives. A reverse mortgage is simply a tool to help those who want to remain independent, an ability to do so, and live their Golden Years in Golden Ways!

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