A Call for Help . . . . Love Your Neighbor

j0407501.jpgHappy New Year! I hope that 2008 brings much for all of my readers to celebrate. Being in the real estate industry it will be an interesting year to follow, and I am expecting great things to result in helping as many people as I can.

Around our country, though, 2008 will bring financial challenges for those that find their adjustable rates reset, and their payments exceed their ability to keep up. As a Certified Senior Advisor, I can’t help but think of those seniors in my community who will find themselves in a tragic situation with their mortgage. The media tells us that many are facing foreclosures, or are being forced to sell their home. Are we conscious of those seniors and referring them to someone that we know and trust.

Today’s American culture is very “ME” focused. We have become a group that keeps to ourselves. We build fences around our homes, we move away from our roots, we don’t get too involved in things that are not “our” business, the list goes on. The result is that we have neighbors who don’t know each other, loneliness, depression, and so on. In reality, someone near you is having challenges and could use your help. What would a phone call mean to them? What would they think if you just dropped by and asked how they were doing? It may mean the world to them . . . . and you just might have information that they need.

Sunday morning I received a knock on my door. It was a neighbor. Her name is Nora, and she just lost husband (of over 50 years) a few months ago. Still going through the challenges of learning to live on her own (though her family has been with her much of the time), she prays for strength and clings to her relationship with God to get her through the day.

As I came to the door in my “pajamas” Nora asked for help because her car wouldn’t start and she wanted to get to church. Though I am not a mechanic, I certainly know how to “jump” a car. It is something that she had always relied on her husband to do for her. In no time, I got her up and going and she was off to church with her friends. Boy that felt good!

Whether it is financial difficulties, or simply “jumping a car,” we need each other to get through life. See this as a challenge. . . . . find a friend or a neighbor that needs your help. It will bless you beyond what you can imagine!

Since my widget for Vodpod is not working on the sidebar, I have included one of my favorite videos along this topic.


Have a Super Year!

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