Who Can You Trust?

I am a sports radio fan! Here in Portland, Oregon, we have a sports radio station that runs 24/7. I know, it is not what most of you probably enjoy, but I like it. It gives me updates on the sporting world, and that is an interest that I have.

Every day they have syndicated talk shows. They do have great local stuff, too, but today I was listening to Dan Patrick, a nationally known sports guy. I enjoy his stuff as he is a great interviewer and has a perspective that is entertaining to listen to. Today they had a poll question. The question was “If you knew you would never get caught, would you cheat to win a gold medal?” What a great question to ask the public. As people from all around the country called in, they responded to the question. Last report showed that the online poll shows that 32% voted Yes, while 68% voted No. I am at least pleased that the No’s won out, but weren’t the Yes’s too high. I am a little dissappointed, but not surprised. I actually thought it might be a little closer to 50/50. I am glad I was wrong.

So what is my point? I was told early on that just when you think nobody is watching, somebody is watching. I also have learned that the measure of a man is not what one does in public, but what one does in private, when nobody is watching . . .  when nobody ever knows. Those that are close to us often don’t know the “real” us. The person who knows the “real” us is the bank teller when she has to give you some bad news about your bank account or a loan request. Our character is revealed when we face adversity.

I am not going to get real political here, but I do want to share one thing. In watching the Olympics and how things have been portrayed, it has given me a look into the hearts and minds of the Chinese government. There have been a few things that have caught my attention: 1. Opening Ceremonies Lip Sync – the little girl who we heard was not the one who appeared to be singing, 2. Opening Ceremonies Fire Works – several of the fireworks on TV were not really appearing in China, it was digitized to appear better than it really was, 3. The age of the gynmists – though not confirmed, it appears that some of the gymists were underage (still to be determined). There may be more, but these three things are fresh in my mind. What are the intentions of the Chinese government? Possibly to appear better than they really are? Who are they really? Are perceptions reality? Are the perceptions something we can trust?

I do believe that we all want to be trusted. But the question remains, can we be trusted. If I trust you, will you pull through for me? Will you tell me the truth? Are you on my side, or are you only really looking out for yourself? Will you sleep at night with the information you tell me? Will you stretch the truth? In all reality, whatever we do or say, we will have to live with it the rest of our lives. And everyday, when we face the world and all of the treasures we have amassed, we will have to look at ourselves in the mirror and see either a “fake,” or an “authentic” individual. Is the Truth your friend? I hope so!

In working with seniors, I take it upon my responsibility to be a truth giver. It hurts sometimes to tell someone what they don’t want to hear, but truth always wins out. It always wins out! Is it a coincidence that “Truth” and “Trust” start with the same three letters (I really don’t know). Do they represent the same thing? Many people today walk around telling people they can be trusted. “Trust me,” they say. I simply know that trust is earned through time, and that history is a good indicator of future behaviors. So, I’ll ask you the question, “If you knew you would never get caught, would you cheat to win a gold medal?”

Though it is difficult to really know how we would answer the fictitious question, it is a great question to think about and ponder. Is it Truth that we are after, or do we strive to be percieved as wanting Truth. Good question . . . . Who can you Trust?

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