Greg’s Bio

Graduating from Linfield College in 1990 with a BA degree in Sociology/Secondary Education and a National Championship in football (with All-American Honors as place-kicker), I started my professional career as a middle school teacher in Vancouver, Washington. At that time of my life I was trying to “save the world”. Well, I basically fell flat on my face as I realized that much of the world did not want saving. But the truth is that I didn’t have the “IT” needed to reach many of the kids. Nor did I understand this age as well as I had once thought. It was during those years that I realized that God had different plans for me. 

Using my educational background, I became a corporate trainer for Columbia Credit Union, then moved on as a Commercial Loan Officer. After successfully working with small to mid-sized companies for three years, a friend approached me to assist him in the development of his company, Senior Loan Solutions. Senior Loan Solutions was primarily a reverse mortgage company, one of the few around that even worked in the reverse mortgage field. However, Senior Loan Solutions specialized in reverse mortgages. It was all they did! This was, and still is, very unusual! 

After two and a half years in the reverse mortgage industry, one in which I enjoy, I have been asked to develop the reverse mortgage side of Premier Mortgage Resources, also of Vancouver, WA. This move will allow me the opportunity to provide other types of mortgage options, if the needs arise. I am excited about the opportunity and look forward to serving seniors and their families with the type of service they deserve!

For more about me, please visit the following link:


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